Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our FAQ for the most common questions asked by our customers. If your question is not listed below, use our contactform.


Which POS material is available

Various POS material is available to showcase the brands properly. Depending on the size and space everything can be made possible.

I forgot my password

Use our "forgotten password" option by clicking the link here and an email will be sent to your emailaddress with instructions how to obtain a new password.

What is the minium order value?

The minimum order value is 500 Euro.

What is the delivery time?

It takes two to three weeks before an order will be delivered. If you have any questions regarding your order, please use our contact form.

How do I change my billing or account details?

Log in with your account details and click on your username in the right top. You can edit your billing or account details by clicking on the orange edit buttons.

Do you sell to private individuals?

No, unfortunately we don't sell to private individuals. We only sell our products to companies.

What shipping companies does Luxsanto use?

Luxsanto uses UPS and DHL to ship your order safely.

When do I need to pay the pro-forma invoice?

After you completed and placed your order, a pro-forma invoice is sent to your email address. The proforma invoice need to be paid within 3 working days after you placed your order. You can also find and download the pro-forma invoice in your account on the Luxsanto website.

When will my order be processed?

Orders will be processed after the pro-forma invoice has been paid. The pro-forma invoice is sent to your email address and can also be found and downloaded in your account.

Do you sell products that are not in stock or listed on Luxsanto?

If you're interested in products that are not listed on the Luxsanto website, please use our contactform. We will contact the manufacturer to see if we can still order these products.

What are the shipping charges?

All orders are shipped for free.

A product that I ordered is broken. What should I do?

If received an item is damaged or defective, you must respond within five working days. Send an email with the item number and track & trace number to: Read more about this topic on our terms & conditions page.